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At Empowered Body Solutions, we offer solutions that resolve musculoskeletal pain or limitations at their source. Many people who get in touch with us have often tried other approaches that helped them feel better for a while - but then their problem returned. Any real solution reflects a deep understanding of the problem it aims to address. This is true for musculoskeletal issues as well.

Posture Alignment Therapy is the primary framework of our approach. It is a groundbreaking, common sense approach to resolving the source of musculoskeletal problems that lie beneath the symptoms. It enables people to take charge of their physical health, using their own efforts without drugs or surgery.

It is becoming increasingly clear that our contemporary culture does not provide our bodies with the needed physical movement to maintain the integrity of our postural form and abilities - our bodies get bent out of shape!

Over time these distortions worsen, causing pain, deviations in joint movements, and possibly serious conditions. The muscles may cease functioning normally and become highly compensated as the body copes with increasing limitations. Even athletes will find their performance and abilities compromised - or worse, become prone to injury as a result of neglected imbalances. The innovative Posture Alignment Therapy approach uses the body's own musculature to resolve these imbalances at their root.

What Kinds of Conditions Does Posture Alignment Therapy Resolve?

This approach successfully treats and resolves the source of numerous conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, herniated discs, migraine headaches, sciatica, scoliosis, neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee and foot pain and many other musculoskeletal issues.

What Makes This Solution Different?

Because each person's body and life experiences are unique, Posture Alignment Therapy is a highly personalized system. It is the specific way in which each persons joint alignment deviations manifest that is the essence of their problem. Each client receives a thorough evaluation of their whole body using photos, video and an examination of common movements. We also seek each client's own wisdom and understanding as an important part of determining the cause of the problem. All this information is used to develop a customized exercise plan based on each person's specific needs and goals.

These innovative, gentle stretches and exercises begin working right away to start shifting the client's body to its intended postural form and functional abilities. These exercises work as tutorials to muscles, using one's own efforts to correct the structural imbalances and remove compensating patterns while normalizing the body's ability to move. They can be done in your home without the purchase of expensive equipment. Over time, through a series of individual sessions, the exercise plan is adjusted to support each client's journey toward his/her goals and optimum level of functioning.

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