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The following are resources and links that I think may be useful to those seeking to know more about the work I do and follow those other practitioners I hold in high esteem.

Applied Biomechanics Associates is an organization of fellow Egoscue® Certified Posture Alignment Specialists. The website below is a great resource examining the many details of how this system works and where practitioners of it can be found.

Applied Biomechanics Associates

If you are looking for an experienced and gifted Pilates instructor in a warm and beautiful setting head over to Mary Black's Vortex Pilates Movement Center in Occidental California. She provides classes, one on one training and a host of educational workshops to inform her clients.

Vortex Pilates Movement Center

The following are some of the sites I like to visit to get ideas and inspiration for movement approaches that I feel complement Posture Alignment Therapy.

Patch Fitness (Associated with the Egoscue Method®)

Exuberant Animal


Marks Daily Apple

Conditioning Research

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