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I started seeing Jeff for upper back pain.  Despite being a yoga instructor and living an active lifestyle, every night I would have to lie flat on my back to find any relief.  After a short time of following the Posture Alignment menu that Jeff created for me, the back pain was almost non-existent!  I also felt stronger in my body, more balanced, and surprisingly, warmer (it was winter and I tend to feel excessively cold).  I have now been through a total of 4 menus with Jeff (because it's fun, and I enjoy seeing and feeling my posture continue to improve).  With each consecutive menu, I have noticed improvements in my yoga postures, particularly triangle, downward dog and backbends! I went to Jeff for back pain and gained so much more than pain relief!  What a gift!

Katie Abel, RYT

"For a number of years I had suffered from significant intermittent back pain, enough to make me abandon almost all forms of exercise. After reading about Egoscue, I came to the conclusion that its approach to pain made sense. A year ago (August 2010) I located Jeff Rooney, an Egoscue® Affiliate. This was a stroke of great fortune despite the fact that I lived 80 miles away. He turned out to be an amazing therapist, the perfect teacher who both nurtures and challenges. I especially appreciated how well he listened to what I was saying about my body and the effects of the exercises. He was also always readily available by email for questions and problems that arose between sessions. I always had the sense that he really cared. After one year and nine sessions later, I am in so much better shape and have met the goals I set with him. Of course I must confess I did follow through on the Egoscue exercises every day without fail!.... I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Michael Nill (August 2011)


"Egoscue® Alignment Therapy gave me my life back!!! It is as simple as that...When I was 28 I fell down some stairs
and hurt my back. Eventually I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore - it hurt me to sit or stand. I was unable to work for 2 ½ years. I was previously a healthy and very active woman. I loved sports and had always been an athlete all my life. I spent the next 2 years searching for an answer - you name it I tried it. I traveled all over the country to see different specialists. In March 2011 it was suggested that I go see Jeff Rooney. Fast forward six months later - I am now working part-time again. I have started hiking, swimming, biking and running again. God and Egoscue® gave me my life back..."                                                                                                       
Leslye Ayers, Nurse Practitioner                                                                                                                                                        

"I tried everything except surgery to overcome the neck and back pain that had drastically changed the quality of my life. I was told the numbness on my left side would be permanent and debilitating if not surgically treated. I couldn't sleep. My zest for life was gone. Until Egoscue® Posture Alignment Therapy! Thanks to Jeff Rooney and The Egoscue Method®, I'm pain free and the numbness is gone. My only regret is that I didn't try the Egoscue Method® first."                                                                                                
Gayle Forsbach

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