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Try These Exercises
Achy From Too Much Sitting? Try These Exercises

Count up all the hours of sitting you do in the course of an average day? I have done it and it is kind of scary. I mean all of it – computer use, driving, tv, reading, etc. Then take note of HOW you sit, in what kind of posture, what position your pelvis is in, your head and your spine. Take note of your breathing (then stand up and breath – any difference?)

Then think about what our body is meant to be doing by virtue of design. The book “Born to Run”, by Christopher McDougall, posits that we are born to run by design. Leaving aside that theory just look in a the mirror, we’ve got two legs for a reason – they are not a sitting apparatus but are meant for bipedal motion.

Perhaps you are as active as you can be - walking, running,  hiking, cycling, etc. Yet when you count the amount of sitting you do in our culture, it still adds up - to  the potential detriment to our physical health. Then add all the other insults to the body that life itself provides. It's no wonder we have headaches, back pain, neck or shoulder trouble, creaky hips and more.

At Empowered Body Solutions our work is restoring postural alignment using a system of corrective exercises. These exercises function as tutorials to the body’s muscles that in turn shift the joint alignment, pelvis and spine toward the neutral design position. We find that this work is more important each year and for each subsequent generation. It is said we are in ancient bodies stuck in this contemporary world. Sitting has surpassed movement and we are paying dearly for it.

Try out these four exercises below and see how it feels. They are meant to counteract the specific effects of too much sitting. A tip: when sitting roll pelvis forward, placing a small arch in your low back.

Supine Foot Circles & Point Flexes

1.Lie on your back with one leg extended and the other leg bent and pulled up toward your chest

2.Clasp your hands behind the bent knee

3.Keep the foot on the floor pointed straight up toward the ceiling

4.Circle the lifted foot outward for the indicated number or repetitions, then reverse direction for the same number of reps

5.For the point/flexes, bring the toes back toward the shin to flex, then reverse the direction to point the foot forward for the indicated number of reps

6.Switch legs and repeat

Repeat 40 times in each direction



1.Lie on your back with your arms at your side, palms up, and hands relaxed

2.Place the soles of your feet together

3.Relax your upper back and hips

Do for two minutes

Static Extension Position

1.Start down on the floor on your hands and knees with your major joints aligned (i.e. shoulders directly above elbows and wrists, hips directly above knees)

2.Hands should be placed shoulder width apart, palms flat with fingers pointed straight ahead

3.Arms must remain straight, elbows locked

4.Walk your hands about 6 inches forward and then move your upper body forward so that your shoulders are again above your hands but now your hips are forward of your knees about 6 inches

5.Relax your low back allowing it to arch with the movement coming from the tilt of your pelvis

6.Collapse your shoulder blades together and drop your head down

7.Your shoulders should be directly above your hands

8.If your low back begins to hurt, back your hips up toward your knees; this will make the exercise a bit easier

Hold position for 2 minutes

Standing Forward Bend

1.Stand with your feet pointing straight and hip width apart

2.Place your palms on your low back/upper buttocks area

3.Tilt your hips forward to place an exaggerated arch in your low back

4.Pull your elbows and shoulder blades together and hold

5.Now bend forward from the hips (NOT from your low back)

6.Keep the low back arched as you bend over

7.Tighten your thighs and shift the weight into the balls of your feet

Hold 1-2 minutes

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