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Your Whole Body
is Involved
in the Solution
Your Whole Body
is Involved
in the Problem.

"Twenty-three years ago, an auto accident left me with severly restricted shoulder motion and in constant pain. Six months ago I began using Posture Alignment Therapy with Jeff Rooney. The results were immediate. I feel blessed to have found this program when nothing else  worked."
Jan Studer

"I started seeing Jeff for upper back pain. Despite being a yoga instructor and living an active lifestyle, every night I would have to lie flat on my back to find any relief. After a short time of following the Alignment Therapy menu that Jeff created for me, the back pain was almost non-existent!"
Katie Abel, RYT

"I tried a lot of things after my hip replacement surgery. The Posture Alignment Therapy with Jeff Rooney really worked. This is one of the most effective fitness programs I have ever participated in."
Rosemary Kowalski

Be Free of Pain and Limitation - Reach Optimal Performance

Welcome To Empowered Body Solutions

  Offering Approaches to Resolve Physical Issues and Challenges at Their Source

  • Do you have chronic muscle and/or joint pain or limitation?
  • Are you seeking guidance, support and a proven approach so that you can take charge of your own physical health?
  • Are you an athlete aiming to enhance your abilities or overcome a setback?
  • Are you a person who wants to maintain or regain optimum physical health and ability, regardless of your current age and level of fitness?
Too often people believe that their only choice is to live with chronic muscle or joint pain and limitations, seek short-term pain relief, use harsh medications or undergo surgical procedures. People in this situation are often seeking ways to be actively involved in restoring their physical health.

Take Charge of Your Physical Health
 Without Drugs or Surgery!

At Empowered Body Solutions:

We empower our clients to take charge of their own physical healing, by offering customized exercise menus based on each person's unique body history. We offer our knowledge, experience and support to guide you in healing yourself.

Our approach is focused on understanding whole body dynamics, using Posture Alignment Therapy, a groundbreaking exercise approach based on how our bodies are intended to function and the ways contemporary life can bend us out of shape.

Together, we find solutions through an approach that resolves problems at their source, rather than just treating the symptoms.

I work with each client individually, offering a thorough evaluation of their body, how they are moving and how muscular imbalances are manifesting. Then I guide each client with an exercise program developed for their specific situation and goals. These gentle, innovative stretches and exercises progressively restore the body to its intended form and abilities, freeing it from pain and limitation.

If you are in pain and seeking solutions, I can help.

Contact me for a free initial phone consultation today!

Jeff Rooney
Posture Alignment Specialist Certified by Egoscue University
Certified Massage Therapist

Serving Clients In My Office, At Your Home And By Skype!

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