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Frequently Asked Questions

Owner Jeff using posture therapy with client

What is a posture therapy session like?

A typical session is 90 minutes in length. It includes a thorough body analysis and a customized exercise menu based on your specific needs. We begin by discussing your physically history and goals. I use photos and video to establish starting posture, movement patterns and how overall body alignment is affecting your abilities. These photos and other information become a baseline reference point from which to view physical shifts and improvements. During the session you will go through the initial exercise sequence, offering feedback on how it feels. A detailed printout is made for your home use or use of The Egoscue Method app for digital storage of your menus. The session price includes 15 minutes of follow up time by phone, email, or Skype.  

How much time will I have to devote to the exercise routines?

Time commitment varies. Much depends on how much time each client can make available daily. The average time is between 30 and 60 minutes. Shorter time commitments are possible, yet this may slow the rate of progress. There's a saying, "the best program is one that will get done regularly." If time is an issue, an exercise routine can be developed to meet your circumstances. Sometimes a routine can be split and done at different times through the day. The routine is meant to be done daily until the next appointment.

How long does it typically take to make the changes in the body and feel better?


People often begin to feel less pain and positive body changes right away. For some, symptoms decrease yet it takes longer to sense body wide shifts. People often report moving more easily and with less pain after the first time they complete their exercise menu. There is a view in holistic healing disciplines that often it can take a month of effort for every year a problem has persisted. Clients with the most dedication always make better progress (see Testimonial page). Our work together is based on your goals. The energy you bring to it is vital to your success.

How many sessions will I need?

 Each person's situation and goals are different. I have seen anywhere from 4 to 16 sessions for clients to reach their goals. 

There are generally 3 phases with posture therapy: firstly, posture correction, secondly, strengthening and continued posture correction and finally maintenance. 

How does the work at Empowered Body Solutions compare to medically based physical therapy?

There is a similarity in that we will be using exercises and stretches and that things will progress over time. However, there are significant differences in approach. Physical therapy typically works with a particular body area. We start with an analysis of how the whole body is interacting and the ways this is involved with your problem. The deeper source of your problem is often away from the site of your pain or limitation. We do not rely on manipulation and other protocols of physical therapy. Rather, our emphasis is on your efforts with the exercises developed for your specific alignment scenario. As I am also a massage therapist, I recommend my use of that skill when it may benefit the client's goals and needs.

How does this therapy compare to other familiar exercise disciplines like Yoga and Pilates?

Posture Alignment Therapy is not a specific exercise discipline. It combines exercises from other disciplines with its own unique exercises in an original way. What is different is the purpose of these exercises. We are interested in affecting the position of aspects of the body's joint system (spine, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, etc.) and how one area impacts another. We have a saying "muscles move bones". Each exercise, and very importantly, the sequence of the exercises is chosen to place particular demands on the body in a unique way. The exercises act as tutorials to the muscles that normalize their function which in turn fosters proper alignment of the bones they affect. The goal is to bring the joint system into proper alignment to restore full range of motion so that one can embrace a full and active life. Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais and many other forms of movement may complement the goals of Posture Alignment Therapy. More and varied movement is better for all us humans!