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A woman doing yoga after being helped for upper back pain


"I started seeing Jeff for upper back pain.  Despite being a yoga instructor and living an active lifestyle, every night I would have to lie flat on my back to find any relief.  After a short time of following the Posture Alignment menu that Jeff created for me, the back pain was almost non-existent!  I also felt stronger in my body, more balanced, and surprisingly, warmer (it was winter and I tend to feel excessively cold).  I have now been through a total of 4 menus with Jeff (because it's fun, and I enjoy seeing and feeling my posture continue to improve).  With each consecutive menu, I have noticed improvements in my yoga postures, particularly triangle, downward dog and back bends! I went to Jeff for back pain and gained so much more than pain relief!  What a gift!"

Katie Abel, RYT

A man running after over coming sciatica


“I was very active and worked out 7 days a week. A severe sciatica attack while traveling internationally forced me home in a wheelchair.

Wanting to avoid surgery at all costs, I learned about the Egoscue Method and Jeff Rooney. He was on a camping trip and made the time to respond to my urgent needs and sent me an exercise schedule to start before our first meeting, without asking for a dime.

From our first contact I have been extremely impressed with Jeff. He really cares about the work he does. His generosity with time, constant follow up and focused knowledge have me well on my way. It took years of imbalance for my body to get so injured so I am not expecting a quick fix. I am diligent and do my e-cises every single day and the steady progress is evident. I have seen Jeff 7 times over 4 months. My constant pain level when I began with Jeff ranged between 5 and 9 and now when I do have pain it’s no more than 1 or 2. I am swimming and hiking again which after months of inactivity is itself a victory. I can’t say enough good things about Jeff.”

Marc Mendelsohn

An older man working out with weights after overcoming pain

"I have worked with Jeff over the past few years especially in the area of strengthening and increasing flexibility.

I have found his counsel invaluable. His consistent focus, illustrative tools, and   patient demeanor have improved my flexibility and reduced pain levels  significantly. 

Jeff’s understanding of human physiology is exceptional."

Irv   Rothenberg 

A woman being helped after hip surgery


"I tried a lot of things after my hip replacement surgery. The Egoscue  alignment therapy with Jeff Rooney really worked. This is one of the most effective fitness programs I have ever participated in."
Rosemary Kowalski

An image of man with lower back pain


"For a number of years I had suffered from significant intermittent back pain, enough to make me abandon almost all forms of exercise. After reading about Egoscue, I came to the conclusion that its approach to pain made sense. A year ago (August 2010) I located Jeff Rooney, an Egoscue® Affiliate. This was a stroke of great fortune despite the fact that I lived 80 miles away. He turned out to be an amazing therapist, the perfect teacher who both nurtures and challenges. I especially appreciated how well he listened to what I was saying about my body and the effects of the exercises. He was also always readily available by email for questions and problems that arose between sessions. I always had the sense that he really cared. After one year and nine sessions later, I am in so much better shape and have met the goals I set with him. Of course I must confess I did follow through on the Egoscue exercises every day without fail!.... I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Michael Nill (August 2011) 

A nurse helping a patient


"Egoscue Therapy gave me my life back!!! It is as simple as that. 

When I was 28 I fell down some stairs and hurt my back. Eventually I couldn't tolerate the pain anymore - it hurt me to sit or stand. I was unable to work for 2 ½ years. I was previously a healthy and very active woman. I loved sports and had always been an athlete all my life. I spent the next 2 years searching for an answer - you name it I tried it. I traveled all over the country to see different specialists. In March 2011 it was suggested that I go see Jeff Rooney. Fast forward six months later - I am now working part-time again. I have started hiking, swimming, biking and running again. God and Egoscue gave me my life back..."                                                                                                       

Leslye Ayers, Nurse Practitioner