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Choice of Formats

Contrasting an unaligned body with and aligned body


The Do It Yourself Approach

All sessions include:

  • A whole body evaluation using digital photos of posture, observation of movement abilities and video of gait.
  • Discussion of client's  physical history and understanding of their condition.
  • Formulation of goals for the therapy process.
  • The session will include the creation of a customized exercise plan developed toward re-alignment, elimination of pain and achievement of goals (with a  printout for home use or sending to your email account if you prefer paperless menu).
  • Working through the exercise menu together with guidance and the opportunity for ample feedback.

The length of the sessions are typically 90 minutes. A 15 minute follow up consultation by phone or Skype is included in the session price.


4 session package - at my office - $500 ($125 each)

4 session package - at your home - $660 ($165 each)

8 session package prepaid - at my office - $850 ($106 each)

8 session package prepaid - at your home - $1120 ($140 each)

(8 session packages approximately at 15% discount)

Additional consultation time $20 for 15 minutes

Do it Together Approach (Personal Training Format)

One Hour Sessions: includes complementary whole body alignment evaluation, with customized exercise plan for home use and adjusted as needed.

You receive on site personalized coaching of postural and other balancing exercises that progressively move you toward your needs and goals. Requires a 3 month commitment, to be paid monthly in advance.

One or two sessions per week:

At your home - $90 per visit
Using Skype - $60 per visit

Three or more sessions per week:

At your home - $75 per visit
Using Skype - $50 per visit 

Prices for home sessions are for an 6-8 mile radius of downtown Santa Rosa, further distances require price adjustment. 

Skype (or Facetime, etc.)

 Skype sessions offer the same services as the Do It Yourself Approach (above), in the convenience of your home and the audio-visual capacity of Skype. I can work with clients anywhere in the world. Compatible hours for appointment times can be arranged where time differences exist. The customized exercise menu will be done during the session with guidance and opportunity for feedback. The exercise menu will then be sent via email in a PDF format that features thorough instructions and pictures.

$125 per session. 3 session minimum commitment. Price include a 15 minute follow up.

If you are new to Skype and need assistance in getting it set up I am happy to offer technical help and resources. You would need a webcam or have a built in camcorder and also have a Skype account in order for audio-video calls to be possible.

Payment can be arranged through Paypal

Digital Photo Services

 You send four digital photos of yourself - front, back, left and right sides - sent via my email account. Please wear light colored shorts and t-shirt (men can be shirtless) and bare feet. Stand 8 to 10 feet away directly in front of camera (not at an angle), close enough that knees are clearly visible.

Also send a brief history of your pain or limitation. Include your understanding of your situation and your goals for alignment therapy.

An individualized menu of exercises to begin addressing your imbalances will be emailed to you within 48 hours, along with postural photos showing your alignment deviations and imbalances.

$75  includes 15 minutes of follow up time by phone, email or Skype

Payment can be arranged through Paypal

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Choices of modalities - relaxation, sports massage, orthopedic massage, and pre-natal massage.

At office - $90 per hour
At your home - $120 per hour

Prices for home sessions are for an 6-8 mile radius of downtown Santa Rosa, further distances require price adjustment.